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Apr 4, 2013 7:00pm PDT
, took some pictures of the buggies and the amish life- here we're in the area of illinois- just to get some of the feel for it. so if we could, let's go to the roll-in on the amish. >> this is definitely not your father's oldsmobile. the sticker price on this baby will set you back more than a few bucks, back, well, a few hundred years and about 7,000 miles way to reformation europe, where we find the roots of the old amish. today we're in arthur, illinois, talking to the old amish, trying to understand their lifestyle. now in class, the most important subject that we've been dealing with lately has been doctrine- the power of doctrine, the function of doctrine. why would anyone want to drive a horse and buggy when they can drive this shiny new american car? well, certainly, the horse and buggy gets better gas mileage- i understand it runs on one bale of unleaded hay. but there's a much more important reason why this is. that has to do with the fact that doctrines mean such a great importance to the amish. of the many contributions that come from the protestant reformation, a unique on
Apr 20, 2013 4:30am PDT
pantene. >>> floodwaters have thousanded thousands to evacuate their homes around illinois. >> we check in with meteorologist alexandra steele in atlanta to get some sense of when that area might dry out. >> the upper midwest and flash flooding isn't the concern, it's this river flooding we're seeing and what we're going to see is these rivers really peak at historic levels from north to south, the cascading effect as all that water goes downstream. this is showing you where all the flood wrngz are, we're seeing flooding now or flooding is eminent. it's really illinois, indiana and lower michigan the biggest concerns. we've seen homes evacuated, shelters open, roads closed, the edens, kennedy, all the expressways were closed early yesterday because of flooding. they had about five to seven inches of rain in a very short period of time. the des plains river in chicago major flooding. the illinois, the tributary of the mississippi historic crest monday night into tuesday and the illinois river peoria is the biggest concern, the mississippi river between the quad cities and st. louis the b
Apr 7, 2013 10:30pm EDT
president obama got elected to the united states senate from illinois, he and i became friends and i'm probably proudly closest now to president obama. >> for any senate to work with the president, what are the rules of the road that any chief executive needs to know when they come to this town? >> mutual respect, respecting the congress, respecting that these 535 were each individually elected by thousands of people in their districts or in their states. and that means something. an election means something. and so that mute twal respect that members of congress were elected by the people. and even though you're president and you were elected by the all the people there has to be that mutual respect, a mutual understanding that in order to really get the people's business accomplished, we have to talk to one another and work with one another and compromise with one another. and i think that's really happening since president obama was re-elected. >> you decided in 2008 to retire from the house. why? >> well, for my first 12 years i was the majority party, and it's a lot more fun bei
Apr 18, 2013 4:00am PDT
illinois attempting to convince companies to leave the land of lincoln and head to texas. in one spot, the governor says: "i have a word of advice for employers frustrated by illinois' short-sighted approach to business: you need to get out while there's still time." illinois governor pat quinn tells the chicago tribune it's nothing more than a publicity stunt, and that companies are coming to illinois for its highly skilled workforce. cupcake fans are experiencing a sugar crash. the dessert is losing luster after years of popularity. case in point: crumbs bake shop. the cupcake chain, which trades on the nyse, is now warning of slower sales. its stock fell 34% last friday. no word yet on what dessert will next capture the attention of america's sweet tooth. still to come, it's a movies and money thursday. find out if tom cruise still has what it takes to come in number one at the box office this weekend. but first, networks and cable channels beware: big changes are coming from small upstarts. that's next with bill moller. you hear that? there's a shake- up going on in the television
Apr 14, 2013 9:00pm CDT
their tax is. he is asking you to check off a box on the state tax form that sends money to the illinois famimility family relief fund >> it is the 10 year anniversary of the funds that began in 2003 during the war in the roiraq. te money helps families who are struggling financially due to the deployment of a relative in the service. the tax deadline is tomorrow >> hundreds of canoeists and kayakers paddled down the north branch of the chicago river today. the "ralph frese memorial paddle" began below the skokie lagoons at willow road.. and ended in linne woods. frese was a canoeing legend. he died last december at the age of 88. frese started the annual canoe and kayak trip on the chicago river 28 years ago.. and his legacy lives on. he wanted to create the sense of community... to protect our outdoors >> the event is usually held on new year's day but this year because of the whether it was postponed until april >> a bi-partisan plan to toughen background checks for gun owners gains some support from the right. next, why some republicans are jumping on board. also, secretary of state
Apr 22, 2013 5:30pm PDT
hard bygood spring floods. the floods started along the mississippi and illinois rivers, now parts of ten states are threatened. dean reynolds is in a town that's underwater. >> reporter: on a good day, spring bay, illinois, has a great view of the illinois river. but on a bad day, it's in the river, so this is a very bad day for brad rohman. can you tell how deep that is? >> well, it's got to be eight or ten feet deep right there. r: reporter: we floated down lake street past his restaurant. taur is the number-one restaurant in town? >> it's the only restaurant in town. ant in's actually the last business left in this town. >> reporter: it's a total loss and 15 employees are out of work. you had to break the news to them? >> yeah. >> reporter: was that tough? >> it's real hard. >> reporter: parts of illinois had ten inches of rain in ten days. this school bus virtually surfed its route near chicago. and the water came up fast, rising 13 feet in five d spring bay where joe greer eatched from his deck. >> we didn't find out it was going to crest this high or suspected the crest this
Apr 24, 2013 12:00pm EDT
? the presiding officer: the senator from illinois. mr. durbin: let me congratulate my colleague from my neighboring state of indiana, senator donnelly, on his first speech on the floor of the united states senate. i can tell you as a downstater in illinois i can identify with so many things he said about his state and his pride in his state, and his feeling about his responsibility as the new united states senator from the hoosier state. i thank him so much for that comment and look forward to working with him for many years to come as we represent adjoining states. madam president, on behalf of senator coons i ask unanimous consent that imatib nun be granted floor privileges for thursday, april 25. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. durbin: i have an amendment at the desk and ask that it be called. the presiding officer: the clerk will report the amendment. the clerk: the senator from illinois, mr. durbin, proposes amendment numbered 745 to amendment numbered 741. mr. durbin: i ask unanimous consent that the reading of the amendment be dispensed with. the presiding officer:
FOX News
Apr 8, 2013 2:00am PDT
get back on track. >> he has not publicly outline add new plan. >>> an illinois family remembering their adventurous daughter a young diplomat killed in afghanistan. 25-year-old was a press officer at the u.s. embassy in kabul. she was on the way to school saturday when her car was attacked by a car bomb. her family says she volunteered to make other's lives better. >> it was her passion she made a difference doing it. you can't regret that at all. she really did a great job. she is one of the many people that advanced the cause. for that we are forrive grateful. >> 25 years old. two weeks ago she served as a guide for secretary of state john kerry. he remembers her as vivacious and smart. >> a rescue mission for those trapped under ground. they are 20 feet below a house that was under construction and collapsed. >> they said the dad was in the trench. they were trying to help their 8-year-old cousin they fell in. they got stuck and the dirt caved in on them. they used shovels and gear to get to the children officials say now it's too late. >> a surprise end to go the academy of co
FOX News
Apr 23, 2013 2:00am PDT
of the midwestism pacting places like indiana, illinois even into sections of missouri. i want to start out with the temperatures. producing that precipitation is bringing in record cold temperatures early this morning across sections of the plains. 14 in sue faioux falls and extr cold still gripping sections of the plains and as far as the high temperatures not that much warmer only 34 for the high in denver 43 in kansas city. parts of texas were in the 80s. today in dallas we are going to make it in the 60s. we are still going to have flood warnings across illinois, indiana and advisory as well that has been issued as far south as mississippi. we are expecting water levels to continue to rise as we head into the next couple of days even into the month of may. several days of ongoing flooding. patti ann and heather quick move of the snow through the plains as well. >>> yesterday we told you how you could be facing more delays at the airport because of the tsa furloughs. if that isn't bad enough you may also be stuck on the tarmac even longer. lauren simonetti on the fox business network jo
Apr 21, 2013 4:30am PDT
are now receding in parts of illinois, but what a mess it's been there. entire subdivisions with still under water. des plaines river, when it runs over, it is a mess. many people were trapped in their homes and had to be rescued friday. some residents say they have never seen anything like it. let's check in with meteorologist alex and ra steele. >> good morning to you guys. what we're going to see is a cresting and cascading of the crests of the water. we saw crests through illinois and indiana and we're going to watch those crests go from north to south as the water runs downstream. anywhere in green we're seeing flooding right now or it is imminent. so we are expecting that. unfortunately we have more rain and even snow on the way. minneapolis could pick up half an inch of snow today. and as we move this radar forward, unfortunately more rain coming for tuesday. so here's tonight. watch the snow from billings down through the central rockies. and then as we head toward monday, there's snow, denver, colorado, another two to four inches of snow coming your way monday into tuesday. an
Apr 22, 2013 4:00am PDT
-ups. at the university of illinois at chicago, several hundred vets like rodney bonner showed up. his dream - to make homes that not just consume but also produce energy - needs guidance. "i have prototypes on the drawing board. i need help getting it to reality." illinois is hardly the only state helping vets not just fill but also create jobs. in fact, it's part of a trend. "nationally, there's a trend to help vets create their own business." and though sequestration has cut a number of contracts, veteran-owned businesses are in a special category: set-asides - work set-aside for veteran owned businesses specifically. "it would squeeze them if there weren't a lot of 'set-asides,' but there are more opportunities than there are vet-owned companies. so it's good for them, more than anyone else working with the government, right now. " there's one more reason for programs helping vets start their own businesses: vets hire other vets, which helps cut unemployment. "not only does it create business for the state, but it redues unemployment." this is not to say veterans have escaped sequestration cuts -
Apr 25, 2013 4:00am PDT
in illinois, iowa, indiana, north dakota, mississippi, and michigan. parts of illinois have already been hit hard. officials will be on alert throughout the weekend. bankrate dot com reports only 13% of homeowners have flood insurance. the average cost is about 50 dollars a month. "the typical claim paid out for flood insurance was paid out for about 30 thousand dollars, so there is ample return on your investment if you need to tap into your policy. " that was doug whiteman of bankrate. he notes flooding is the most common type of natural disaster in the u.s. labor rights groups question the deadly collapse of a clothing factory in bangladesh. the new york times reports around 90 people were killed, hundreds were injured and others trapped in the debris. bangladesh is becoming popular among retailers as chinese workers demand higher wages. bangladesh employees earn an estimated 14 cents an hour. proponents say the pay lifts millions out of poverty. critics say little is done to protect workers. this is the 3rd tragedy in 6 months. walmart is investigating -- however reports say walmart,
Apr 15, 2013 8:00pm EDT
illinois delegation, congressman -- congresswoman january schakowsky. ms. schakowsky: i want to thank my colleague, representative frank ell from florida for bringing us. we are wearing the colors of the israeli flag today in celebration of the 65th birthday, anniversary of the state of israel. i, too, when i walked over to the capitol, i saw our flag at half mast, recognizing the tragedy that happened in boston and i would like to acknowledge and give my condolences to those families of the two that we know have been lost, have been killed and wish well the dozens more that have been injured. and i do believe in what the president said that whoever did this will be brought to justice. so along with israelis and their friends around the world, we are also at a moment in celebration, celebrating the renewal of the jewish state in the land of israel. for 65 years, our two nations have enjoyed a close friendship as well as a strategic alliance. since the united states became the first country to recognize israel, a mere 11 minutes after her founding, president truman recognized israel as a
FOX Business
Apr 22, 2013 9:20am EDT
, the with us now, dan, you're from illinois and you're a critic of illinois's government. illinois is almost insolvent, if i could put it like that. i would imagine that the people in illinois want this internet sales tax because they are so, so desperate for money. am i right? >> well, you know, i've dealt with the illinois state treasure and one of the few republicans in this state and yes, i'm critical of the way that things are going forward here, but you know, to answer your question, because they're desperate for the money, i don't think that that's the reason. i think there are a number of people that support this because it really is a sense of fairness for our bricks and mortar stores that are there established in our community, that are paying property taxes and paying the sales tax, so i think what's really looking at this is more of a fairness approach as opposed to looking at it for revenue. but it's going to make more internet sellers, tax collectors for the entire country. that's a huge bureaucratic burden to place on internet sellers, isn't it? >> well, i tell you it's part--
Apr 21, 2013 6:30pm PDT
, but it couldn't be genetic because she's adopted. so steingraber suspected something toxic in her illinois hometown's drinking water, and that led to an unusual wager. she talked about it in this 2010 documentary. >> as a college undergraduate, i made a bet. i bet that my cancer diagnosis had something to do with the environment in which i lived as a child. and i think i was right about this. ten years ago, in the fall of 1998, i gave birth to a child. i became a cancer patient at 20 and a mother at the brink of people's lives are ordered, but that's how mine worked out. i am betting that in between my children's adult lives and my own, an environmental human rights movement will arise. it's one whose seeds have already been sown. i am betting that my children, and the generation of children that they are a part, will by the time they are my age -- they'll consider it unthinkable to allow cancer-causing chemicals to freely circulate in our economy. they will find it unthinkable to assume an attitude of silence and willful ignorance about our ecology. >> sandra steingraber wouldn't stay sil
Apr 15, 2013 5:00pm EDT
illinois, which i just visit earlier this week, you understand or you come to understand the impact on taxes, on your ability to improve in your marketplace, to improve the wages that you are gaining and to improve opportunities all around you. has been stated already today that we have one of the least competitive tax jurisdictions in the whole world. the u.s. used to be at the head of the pack. by doing nothing of the past 30 years in actually fallen behind. here is what we need to do. look out over the marketplace in the united states and avoid those jurisdictions that have failed. i come from a state that has failed. the state of illinois fell into the trap in a big fiscal drama of raising taxes and proposing the dow was going to be the remedy. here's what happened. taxes went up. the underlying spending problems were not dealt with, and now illinois has a higher than average unemployment rate. the second amount per capita debt of any state in the union. san billion dollars in unpaid bills to my current bills after the new revenue came in. a credit rating that has been downgrade
Apr 23, 2013 2:00am PDT
flooding. we'll have a live report from hard-hit illinois coming up next. we've reduced taxes and lowered costs to save businesses more than two billion dollars to grow jobs, cut middle class income taxes to the lowest rate in sixty years, and we're creating tax free zones for business startups. the new new york is working creating tens of thousands of new businesses, and we're just getting started. to grow or start your business visit ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it. your doctor will say get smart about your weight. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. has oats t
Apr 7, 2013 10:00pm EDT
billion in california. over $2 billion in illinois. upwards around $2 billion in the northeast quarter to fix up amtrak to fix up the tracks. we've made the investments. there are companies in america from overseas looking at making investments in california, in illinois, along the northeast corridor. the people are so far ahead of the politicians on this and the president has a vision for passenger rail in america which is what the american people want. they want to get out of their cars. they want good transportation. they want alternatives and passenger rail is certainly a part of that. and in california, they will have a train in 10 years that connects san francisco all the way to san diego north, south, 200 miles an hour all new infrastructure. >> let me ask you about the cost. and the politics in all of this. as you know, the looming issue in this country now and in the next decade is a growing debt and deficit, $16.5 trillion. why is it so hard for democrats and republicans to sit down and forge a compromise? >> well, i think because it's a big issue and because you know, people
Apr 24, 2013 5:30pm PDT
of the country are coping with high water right now. nbc's john yang with us from peoria, illinois. john, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. the wait has begun tonight. the wait for the illinois river to start dropping from record levels, the highest in 70 years. this wall of 30,000 sandbags kept the water from encroaching any farther on downtown including the corporate headquarters of caterpillar just up the block here. roads have become rivers, levees overtopped, houses swamped and farmland is under water. now the illinois river here flows very slowly. so it's going to take some time for all this floodwater to clear out of here. one place it will go once it clears is the mississippi river where the illinois river joins north of st. louis. that's going to add to the flooding concerns along that waterway. brian? >> very tough time in peoria and elsewhere. john yang reporting for us tonight. john, thanks. >>> there is an awful story developing overseas tonight. a building collapse in bangladesh that killed at least 87 people, injured more than a thousand. the search for victims, as
Apr 2, 2013 4:30pm PDT
these kinds of problems? >> illinois facing them now. so in illinois you have the state funds which are 39% funded, even assuming that every dollar that goes into the funds is going to earn 7 3/4. so that's really a very, very stark contrast. if you look in europe, where they do these funds, they're measuring them at much more conservative rates. and they're 95% funded. this is a really serious situation. and within illinois you have the city of chicago which has been undercontributing to pensions and underfunding the pensions. basically chicago and illinois have been sort of writing their own rules aboupension funding in order not to have to r balanced budgets, in order to spend money now that they don't really have. >> i'm afraid we have to leave there it. >> they're not going to be able to do that much long. >> thank you very much. i'm sorry to interrupt you. we have a time pinch here. we'll have you back again with us soon. thank you very much. >>> thousands of visa applications for skilled foreign workers expected to be snapped up in less than a week. it might be a good sign for the e
Apr 1, 2013 8:00am PDT
. >> called the illinois street bridge. it's a port project. >> port project, okay. >> it's actually for freight rail as well as vehicle. >> okay, freight rail. okay. and here, these are cranes for unloading containers from vessels. and, you know, we don't see many vessels there unloading. >> not container vessels. >> and the short reason that we don't see container vessels is? >> oakland has the gig. >> why doesn't san francisco do container? and here is what i think and you can tell me if i'm right or wrong. most containers are double stacked on railway cars and we have a tunnel that limits the height of trains coming into san francisco and therefore they cannot double stack the containers, and therefore it's not profitable or reasonable to ship containers in and out of san francisco. is that -- >> actually -- i mean, that's partly true, but the bigger issue is geography. and san francisco being at the end of the peninsula, if you go -- if you're a container ship, you can go to oakland and get it on a rail that immediately can go east to wherever its market street are, or south. if
Apr 6, 2013 6:00pm EDT
gardner was a society girl in a little town of harvard, illinois, went to a finishing school and met the brother of a friend of the college, and he was the son of a wealthy omaha big businessman. she was a big wedding. they went on their honeymoon to the west coast. before they got to oregon, to portland, oregon, he had beat her on their honeymoon. he then, they went from oregon down the coast to los angeles. he abused her physically and emotionally on that part of the trip altogether. this on the honeymoon. she got back to omaha where they were to live, and she went straight home to her parents in illinois. and then leslie king, the husband, came after her and promised he would, you know, never do it again, change his ways. she went back to him. she became pregnant and had the baby. 16 days after that little boy, little son was born, who was named for his father, leslie king jr., the father attacked the mother and the son with a butcher knife. with that, she escaped that night with her baby nurse keeping watch, because this man had such terrible temper. she escaped, went across the
Apr 21, 2013 3:00am PDT
is providing shelter to residents who need it. and flood waters are now receding in parts of illinois. that's a major mess. entire subdivisions are still under water in the the hard-hit suburbs. many people were trapped in their homes. they had to be rescued friday. some residents said they have never seen anything like this. >> you're from illinois. >> i am. my family said they were trying to get to the airport and had to take side streets and got stuck there as well. meteorologist alex an dra steele is keeping an eye on the weather. >> your hometown, all those express rails were shut down. but the flash flooding has abated because the rain has ended. but we're seeing the river flooding. let me show you. here's the flood threat. every place here that you see in green is a flood warning showing you where we are seeing flooding. in places like illinois, record flooding at a dozen river gauges. in indiana, one river cresting at its highest level in a half century. so that's where we have the flood threat still. we're going to see a cresting effect and a cascading effect from north to south in
Apr 21, 2013 12:00pm PDT
spellman is live in peoria, illino illinois. it looks bad where you are. that water seems pretty high. >> about 14 feet above where it normally is right now, fredricka. this is the illinois river. it goes right through the heart of peoria, illinois. this building, the historic river station trying to keep dry. they're pumping out rooms in there. you can see people here are doing everything they can to try to prepare for another two feet or so of water. here in downtown peoria along the waterfront, they have erected this sort of handmade levy. sand bags over walls. they predict the water is going to get to just about here. if their predictions are right, they're hoping most of the businesses here are going to be okay. if their predictions are off, if any more rain comes or is higher than they predict, it will be trouble for the businesses. we were up in neighboring peoria heights, illinois. several businesses under water there. with 2 more feet to go in that part of illinois, there's going to be a lot more homes lost. they hope to keep the damage, you know, to a minimum with all of the
Apr 5, 2013 6:00am PDT
. >> thanks, jane. >> we have breaking news to bring you, these are live pictures from illinois in northern illinois where a school bus has overturned. if the cameraman will show us the school bus, you can see the scattered belongings are all over the ground there and people who are injured are taken away on the stretcher and the school bus is on its side. there are injuries but we don't have information on whether it is adults or children. that looks to be an adult on the stretcher. a school bus has overturned in illinois this morning. >> that is north of chicago between chicago and the wisconsin border. >> right new we will let you know what is happening weather-wise. there is a ballgame if town. >> we had shower activity orallier error -- shower activity earlier and 880 had wet weather. the you can see the clouds are lifting and our roof camera providing the cloudy spot but upper 50's for san jose and oakland, and 55 in san francisco, and the bay bridge, so if you are not in the fog or the mist or drizzle you are noticing the mild temperatures and mid-50 in napa with a show earlier, so c
Apr 9, 2013 9:00pm PDT
as a congressional district, you wouldn't want to come back as illinois 2. the recent seat holder jesse jackson junior is awaiting sentencing after he and his wife pled guilty to misusing campaign funds for their own lavish personal expenses, things like a $43,000 rolex, pair of stuffed elk heads, and a hat that once belonged to michael jackson. congressman jackson resigned, faces more than 4.5 years in federal prison when sentenced this summer. before him, the previous representative of that district also resigned, went to prison. congressman mel reynolds served in the mid-'90s until convicted of several charges, including having sex with an underage girl that volunteered on his campaign. before congressman reynolds, illinois was represented by congressman gus savage, who was investigated by ethics committee for accusations he forced himself on a female peace corps volunteer. he denied the allegations, later wrote the woman a letter of apology. the last three tries at representing illinois 2 in congress were kind of a nightmare, which brings us to tonight. the associated press tonight has call
Apr 22, 2013 9:00pm EDT
is the director of five presidential libraries including the abraham lincoln library in springfield, illinois and a presidential biographer. thank you for being here. we will start with richard. mary todd is often viewed in broad strokes. criticism of her lavish spending and overly indulgent mother. if you look at a more nuanced picture, what do you see? 90that is why we need to get minutes, to begin to get at the nuances. has been called the great american story, an integral part of the great american story. steven spielberg doesn't make movies about julia tyler or louisa adams. mary todd lincoln remains someone who is symbolically divisive, perhaps. to some, a heroin, others a victim. she is a surprisingly contemporary figure as well. >> i like her because she is so .omplex i say i like h i say i like her. dressmakeras her and companion. she did not live at the white house a good deal of time. formerly enslaved, purchased her own freedom and was interviewed along with other women to become the first lady's seamstress. or modess, as they called it. she made the most beautiful dresses. >> wha
Apr 24, 2013 1:40am PDT
and the worst flood in a century in parts of the midwest. who is taking action in illinois and other areas overcome by mother nature? >>> distracted driving. new cutting edge, hands-free technology designed to keep your hands on the wheel and attention on the road. who is pointing out the latest precautions? >>> sensational psy, the south korean performer, the latest song, incredible performing and how he's is attracting so much attention on youtube. that's in "the skinny," on this wednesday, april 24th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now," with john muller and diana perez. >>> good morning, everyone. we begin this half-hour with new details in the boston bombing investigation. dzhokhar tsarnaev is cooperating with police. admitting the plot was devised from the internet. >> tamerlan tsarnaev bought the explosives at a new hampshire fireworks store the same place that sold the time square terrorist his materials. with more here is our chief investigative correspondent brian ross. >> reporter: with injuries to his head, neck, legs and hands healing, the hospital upgraded t
Apr 23, 2013 6:30pm PDT
como ocurre en el centro de illinois, los rÍos illinois y mississippi se han salido de su cauce en algunas Áreas. en missouri los bombero han hecho frente a 6 derrumbes de tierra. autoridades del condado de alameda en california se unieron a inmigrantes y activistas para pedir al alguacil local abandonar las comunidades seguras, casi 2000 residente de alameda han sido deportados desde el aÑo 2008, nuestro corr corresponsal luis mejil nos explica cuÁles son lo reclamos. >>> primero san francisco, luego alameda es el Último en una larga lista de condados que quieren alejarse de comunidades seguras, el programa federal que envÍa a inmigraciÓn las huellas de cualquier detenido por la policÍa sigue despertando pasiones. estos manifestantes kay crquier el alguacil tenga detenciÓn menor, el marido de aracelli iba a ser uno mÁs, estuvo detenido 2 semanas hasta que saliÓ baja fianza. >>> lo que me molesta el problema fÍsico y malestar cuando preguntan los niÑos, >>> hoy en una audiencia repleta de inmigrantes los supervisores aprobaron en el condado que el alguacil deje de parti
Apr 24, 2013 11:35pm PDT
inundaciones y desbordamiento de rÍos por inundaciones en el paÍs. en illinois se colocaron miles de bolsas de arena para protegerse de la crecida del rio. ue rÉcord, la crecida del rio illinois fue rÉcord en 70 aÑos, en california, en stockton, una estudiante hispana de quince aÑos y su maestra se enfrascaron en una pelea captada en cÁmara por un alumno, la adolescente fue arrestada, y serÍa expulsada, ella y su familia exigen que la maestra tambiÉn enfrente cargos. ambas comenzaron a discutir por un maquillaje que usaba la joven, los Ánimos se caldearon y miren donde llegaron. quejas en california por fallas en la educaciÓn bilingÜe, la uniÓn americana de libertades civiles demandÓ al estado por no dar enseÑanza del idioma inglÉs a 20 mil niÑos bilingÜes, jaime garcÍa nos explica. >>> en california uno de cada 4 usestudiantes en escuÉlas pÚblicas son aprendices de inglÉs, aunque leyes federales y estatales oqbligan a ofrecerles clases para la adquicisiÓn oral y escrita del inglÉs academico, a uno de cada 50 no se imparte. >>> hay 20338 estudiantes afectados. >>> (hablan
Apr 6, 2013 6:30pm PDT
de la construcciÓn del centro de indocumentados en illinois, lÍderes comunitarios es cont contraproducente construir en momentos que se habla de una "reforma migratoria," viviana avila nos tiene imÁgenes en contra del plan. >> hoy dÍa cientos levantaron su voz en illinois contra la posibilidad de que se construya un centro detenciÓn para inmigrantes indocumentados aquÍ, muchos piensan que afectarÁ econÓmicamente esta ciudad con alta presencia hispana. >> deterioro total, porque enseguida empezaran a moverse los negocios, no vendrÁ gente a comprar, la comunidad va a cubrir si eso sucede, asistieron inmigrante que han sido detenidos y que no quisieran que otros vivan la experiencia. >> fui detenida en inmigraciÓn, bueno, me llevaron a la cÁrcel un dÍa en la cÁrcel con la policÍa y se trasladado a inmigraciÓn volver a ver a mi familia. >> ya tendrÁn permiso de agarrar a las personas >> si se da luz verde a la construcciÓn, serÍa la entidad encargada del centro de detenciÓn, activistas comunitarios aseguran que tiene un largo historial en derechos humanos. >>
Apr 17, 2013 4:00am PDT
in two states. the attornies general of both illinois and massachusetts are investigating. illinois is looking into incentive-based compensation, illegal under laws governing schools participating in federal aid programs. massachusetts wants to know if devry filed false information about its students. devry says it is cooperating with the investigations. general motors edges out volkswagen in first quarter sales as both try to catch up to toyota. gm sold 2.36 million cars and trucks around the world in the first three months of 2013. volkswagen sold 2.27 million vehicles during that same time. toyota was in the lead with most cars sold in 2012. rising maintenance costs are making owning a car more expensive. aaa says car expenses are up 2% from last year. the average sedan now requires investment of about $9,000 a year, or 61 cents a mile. higher maintenance fees were the primary reason. the study also looked at fuel, insurance and tire costs. the rally during the last 6 months is still not convincing average investors to dabble in the stock market. in its earnings report, td amerit
Apr 18, 2013 5:30pm PDT
. >> reporter: parts of iowa and illinois have gotten more than seven inches of rain and totals approaching six inches are not uncommon. in south dakota the storm system brought snow and temperatures in the 20s. warmer weather in oklahoma spawned at least four tornadoes but no one was seriously injured. back in chicago, sump pumps are hot items. >> we've got the last one here. we got one from the front of the store. that's about it. everyone who came in behind us, i'm sure they didn't get one. >> reporter: cynthia gill and her family moved to lisle just last week. now their home is an island. their basement under water. >> my daughter floated on a mattress today to try to retrieve as much as she should. >> reporter: weather channel meteorologist mike seidel says the danger has not passed. >> although the rain and storms will end tonight in the midwest all the water has to go somewhere. it is going to run into the rivers and many of those will go over their banks into flood stage as we head towards the weekend. >> reporter: of course thunderstorms means trouble in the air. at chicago o'hare airp
Apr 22, 2013 4:00am PDT
and illinois rivers. that's the area of concern. the biggest river we have in our country, the mississippi river. it's in major flood stage. that's always a big deal for the barge traffic and other economic concerns, too. that river is cresting near st. louis. the river that we're now worried about is more of the illinois river. it's going to crest in peoria on tuesday. that's where we could have more destruction done and millions of dollars and south of there as we go into wednesday. again, the mississippi, it's cresting now just north of st. louis. and it should go down from here. looking at the weather pattern over the west, trying to think about, you know, what's interesting, what's going to happen, what concerns do we have. it's really going to be a very quiet weather period. we'll have morning clouds to deal with in a few coastal areas of california. other than that, here's a map that's given to us by our government estimating the precipitation in the week ahead. the green shows you where it will be light rain around the country. the blue and darker blues and purple shows you where t
Apr 23, 2013 11:00am PDT
for even more rain. right now, flooding along the mississippi is causing massive problems from illinois to iowa and south in missouri. shipping has resumed along the 15-mile stretch near st. louis. the coast guard says barges that sank last week will not interfere with navigation. but in michigan, kayaks outnumber cars on the street. >> hard to imagine and we have not seen rain if some time. >> feast or famine in the forecast. they are getting too much. we don't have enough. it is the way things are going with climate change. >> here is what is going on on live doppler 7 hd. can you see how dry it is. that is one of the reasons we are seeing such wild temperature swings, the dry ground cannot hole the heat from the sun as well and the moist ground can without giving it back to us. that is a reason why we see tremendous fluctuation and the wind, at half moon bay they are coming from the southwest and that is why you are cooler than everyone else by a good 20 degrees with gusty winds up north and no trees or power power lines down since this morning and the gusts are fastest at fairly at
Apr 25, 2013 11:00am PDT
instructor who is known by his students as a dance machine. from orland park, illinois, please welcome joey dela pena. hey, joey. >> hey, meredith. >> tennis instructor/ dance machine, huh? >> um, every year at the girls state tennis tournament in the state of illinois, there's, like, a coaches' dance-off, and the girls get to choreograph or--like, the coaches do, like, a freestyle dance-off. two-time champion. >> a two-time champion?
Apr 6, 2013 12:35am PDT
in suburban illinois is filled with vintage accessories and pop culture paraphernalia. >> this is a fleet wood mac record. >> you had a major stevie nix phase. >> it's eternal. >> the birds. where did you get this? >> my friend gave it to me. >> reporter: she gets her bojo look from mom who's an artist. her sdad a retired high school english teenager. five years ago, tabby started posting photos of herself in e eclectic a vant guard outfits. >> i thought it would be fun to chronicle my interest in fashion as it was developing and changing. here's her closet. so many of those vintage works emerged. piano. >> i feel the color yellow doesn't get enough love. tens of thousands clicks later, she was dubbed the luckiest 13-year-old on the planet. but she also drew snarky criticism by showing up to shows like this. >> my basic rule is it should be really cool on its own. >> her bff grace says she's the same girl she was when they were 6. >> i don't think she sleeps a lot. >> reporter: the latest phase of her career expands beyond fashion to the arts and crafts. essays and serious girl talk about brok
Apr 2, 2013 5:00pm PDT
. mark kirk of illinois posted on his blog today that quote, life comes down to who you love and who loves you. and the government has no place in the middle. senator kirk is the ranking republican lawmakers in illinois. today's announcement comes less than three weeks since portman of ohio became the first republican to announce support of gay marriage. >>> north korea is vowing to start a nuclear program which had been shut down for years. and yang is promising to escalate the production of materials used to make nuclear weapons. white house secretary carney announced today. >> a strong common interest in peace and stability in southeast asian. >> b2 and b52 bombers flew over south korea last week all part of the joint military exercise that is the u.s. is participating in with south korea. >>> president obama will be in the bay area to do midterm election fund raising. this will be the president's first bay area visit since his reelection. he will attend a fundraiser tomorrow in san francisco. then on thursday he's off to aperton for another d
Apr 4, 2013 10:00am PDT
, our proposal is for you to come to illinois and stay with us for a while... well, it would give you some time to think things over. see, all of us benefit from having time to weigh the options. and you might even like the farm. but i have a job... and all my friends are here. anne: oh, we realize that, but it wouldn't have to be forever. you could come back. but it... it would give you a chance to figure things out. kevin, i'll do whatever you want-- stay here, go to san francisco, or try the farm. if you want to stay, i'll stay, too. you mean you'll drop out of school? well, if i decide to try it, can we keep the apartment... in case the farm isn't for me and i want to come back? ( phone rings ) hello? sandy, what happened last night? your phone just went dead. jack got so angry he pulled the phone right out of the wall. oh, sandy... i'm a wreck. i haven't slept all night. did kevin come home? yes, he's home. and he's fine. thank god something's worked out all right. rebecca: sandy, what is it? i've made up my mind. rebecca: you're going to...? i'm getting out of here. i've had it.
Apr 11, 2013 12:00am PDT
, etc.. louise gutierrez, congressman from the great state of illinois. while we are talking about the , asomy, and the fact hector suggested, that so many small businesses feel like government is in the way, that increasing regulation is making it more difficult for them to advance their businesses and their entrepreneurial spirit and genius -- what do you say about his indictment that many people feel government is in the way? >> government can do more to stimulate job opportunities and job growth in our community. i alson i look at jobs, want the american public to know that when you think of latinos, the impact is not going to be the same throughout the latino community. -- number one, i want you to know that most latinos in the united states are citizens of the united states, and here legally. some of us have been here for generations. more than generations -- centuries. others have arrived five years ago, 10 years ago. but we are a community of families. i want people to know that. at the same time, i want government to be there, he cause there one really sad fact. -- because
Apr 23, 2013 12:00pm EDT
i thank the president. i yield the floor. the presiding officer: the senator from illinois. mr. durbin: mr. president, i thank my colleague from tennessee for coming to the floor. he's been here with some frequency together with the republican senator from wyoming to discuss the matter that's pending before the senate. what's pending before the senate is what's known as the marketplace fairness act. it is a measure which senator enzi of wyoming has been working on for 12 years and one that i've worked with him on for several years. it is an interesting issue because it's one where the supreme court 20 years ago challenged congress. you see, the states went to the supreme court and said we want those who are not physically present in our state but sell into our state to collect sales tax. and at that time the supreme court in the quill decision said, no, that's up to the congress. the congress has to take action. well, here we are 20 years later, and the conversation's changed dramatically because what used to be sales by mail or catalog are now internet sales. and they're growi
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